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WebDate Logo WebDate is the best and totally free dating site in the world that offers a large (over 3.5 million) member base. This personals site is reminds us of the current the now run down AOL dating site. The web site is totally free and you are allowed to preview the member pics before joining.

Register for WebDate it just takes under a couple minutes. Select a name, select your gender, zip code and birth day and WebDate will email you a login for your email address. To set up a profile you only need to enter a couple of lines about yourself, the type of things you are looking for, and a tagline.

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Once logged in, you can perform an advanced search, email to local singles for Free, and view the live Video chat. Click “New Faces” to see a list of the newest locals with pictures. Search by age, zipcode, images only and LIVE members only. The only downside with this website is that you must view advertising and the occasional popup ad. Almost all free dating sites are paid for by advertising.

One different feature of this community is the “network”. Add other WebDate singles to your contacts list, and their profile will be listed in your network. Other users can see your network when viewing your profile.

Are you interested in WebDate you should give it a whirl. You can meet new locals and they won’t charge you a thing.